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Justified Spending

One of the most common questions I’m faced with everyday is “What will it cost?” Traditional IT support can be as scary as dropping off your car at the local repair shop. You never know how much it’s going to cost until the repairman calls with the solution and price. If you could remove the suspense and dynamic aspect from traditional services and support, would you? Here at WiseTech Solutions we plan to do just that. Our model would have traditional IT support eliminated almost entirely and replaced with fixed and static solutions which work with you proactively to eliminate downtime and needless IT spending. Budget annual spending and still have the flexibility required to operate without restraints.

Also, we do not need to be married to our clients with an array of contracts and/or forced commitments. We flourish with our clients by providing excellent continued service. We take pride in our open business model and strive for IT transparency. IT spending has been perpetually growing beyond predictions consecutively since 2009. ‘Innovative firms that are open to new approaches will have a competitive advantage in the years ahead. Products and services that support the key SMB priorities of mobility and connectivity… will have the strongest appeal.’ Justin Jaffe, senior research analyst for Small and Medium-Sized Business and Home Office research at the International Data Corporation. IDC is a reputable market research and analysis firm with over 1000 independent analyst in 50 countries.

Consider efficiency, not just functionality. We will reduce IT Spending and aggressively tackle issues that are, or soon will, plague your IT infrastructure. The business IT infrastructure requires regular monthly maintenance, just like anything else. With us as your IT solution, you can expect better overall network efficiency and robustness, better connectivity and mobility, a direct line into the ear of your IT department, proactive and cost-effective solutions, insurance in data integrity, and much, much more. Don’t base your IT budget around reactive IT Support and regular downtime. Invest in Proactive Solutions for Evolving Technology. Invest in WiseTech Solutions.

Our Services

  • 24/7 Server & Workstation Monitoring
  • Software & License Management
  • Privacy and Virus Security
  • Backup & Restore Services, keeping an added layer of protection

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